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This website is the ONLY way to buy our products. We DO NOT have any authorized resellers or distributors out there. Any website or individual are misrepresentation or immitation of LACCRUE, so beware.

We are Trademarked and manufacture our own products with high quality ingredients that are USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified. 

You can directly contact us here on this site or Instagram for orders and inquiry. We focused on Private Label orders and we can schedule video calls to discuss your product needs.

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How to Store Your LACCRUE Lip Moisturizers

You might have already bought or have been given by your favorite aestheticians, LACCRUE Lip Moistuirzers. That means you know that most (labeled), if not all ingredients in it are 100% USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified.

With all that good stuff in your products, we ensure it was made with love and carefully developed. Now, all the love does not stop when it exchange hands. We wanted to extend the extra care we put in it to your hands. Here are some tips on How to Store Your LACCRUE Lip Moisturizers.

LACCRUE Vegan Organic Lip Moisturizer

How to Store Your LACCRUE Lip Moisturizers

Keep it UPRIGHT - Keep your tubes always in an upright position to avoid leaks.

Room Temperature Storage - Keep it in a room to cooler temperature storage. Because it is made with high quality orgnic oils, high grade butters and no chemicals or preservatives added, we want to avoid warmer temperature that could change the consistency into liquid that may cause leaks. Think about how you store skin butters.

Keep it in a leak free bags - If you love to use it anywhere and bring it with you. You can use a leak free bags and still keep it upright (purses always have one lipstick pockets, that is what's that for).

Use Cosmetic Fridge - Cooler temperature is highly recommended for storage but do not freeze it.

These are just few of our recommended ways to store your LACCRUE Lip Moisturizers. Let's keep not just your lips healthy, but also your purse and product healthy that can last longer organically.

LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer

Don't forget to checck our varieties of Lip Moisturizers! We now have:

  • LACCRUE Vegan + Organic Lip Moisturizer (with natural high SPF conatining organic oils and Vitamin A, E, C) - 100% Vegan and Organic
  • LACCRUE Original Organic Lip Moisturizer -100% Organic. Also, a great Aftercare(ask your aesthetician for instructions of use). Made with organic oils with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, protective, moisturizing, hydrating properties.
  • LACCRUE Tinted Lip Moisturizers - Made with 97-98% Organic oils and natural tints. You get to keep a healthier lips with added glow! You can choose your color or get them all on a bundle deal.
LACCRUE Summer Lip Moisturizer - Organic -Vegan

Most of you have loved our LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer, we know it because it is our Best Seller since inception. Not only retail customuers but beauty experts from spa, salon, and permanent make up wholesalers as well. Good news is that we made it better for you having what your lips need on your summer vacation. What are the 4 Benefits of Using LACCRUE Summer Lip Moisturizer? Keep reading.

LACCRUE Organic Vegan Summer Lip Moisturizer

4 Benefits of Using LACCRUE Summer Lip Moisturizer

Let's get to it and let us tell you what we have improved to make it even better and healthier for your puckers!

1) It's ORGANIC - Yes, I know you know the original formulation of LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer is made with USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Making sure it is made with only high quality for your fine lips. 

2) It's now VEGAN! - Often times, you seldom see products that are both ORGANIC and VEGAN because the definition of Vegan just meant 'no animal by products'. We made LACCRUE Summer Lip Moisturizer BOTH Organic and Vegan as an improved and healthier formulation of the lip care.

3) Organic Ingredients with Natural High SPF Properties - Fortified with with organic ingredients with a high SPF properties combined with ingredients that has a fine protective layer on your lips. Well formulated, combined, and processed to give you an integral and healthier protection for your lips need.

4) Infused with Organic Brightening Ingredient - organicallly infused and refined ingredient to give you that extra benefit of brightening the lips while it hydrated, nourished, moisturized,  and protected.

These are just 4 Benefits of Using LACCRUE Summer Lip Moisturizer mentioned on top of the benefits you already get and you love from our LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer. You can also use it in 5 different ways you use the original formula, LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer.

Additional benefits:

  • Chemical free formulation
  • Chemical free sterilization process
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Cruelty free
  • Skin tested (with 10 volunteer friends with different skin types)



5 Ways to Wear LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer

5 Ways to Wear LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer

Here in LACCRUE, we try our think of different ways to serve you. We made a list of 5 Ways to Wear LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer to let you realize that it is more than just a Lip Moisturizer.

LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer 1

1. Use LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer as a 'Lip Primer'.

What is a Lip Primer? Just like putting your makeup on, you want to put your primer before the lip color or gloss. It is the prime layer you would put on before everything else in order to nourish and protect your lips from other elements that can harm your skin.   

LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer 2

2. Apply As It Is, As a Lip Moisturizer.

The Castor oil in it leaves a thin film on your lips that can help protect your lips and lock in the natural moisture of your lips aside from its own nourishing properties. (Also, infused with Vitamin E, and Lavender oil and includes beeswax as well.)

LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer 3

3. Great Lip Blush Aftercare.

The main ingredient, Castor oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect for quick healing effects. This is a popular custom lip blush aftercare (private label clients will ask for specific add-on ingredients.)

LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer 4

4. Also, a Great Lip Filler Aftercare.

Same healing properties on another minimal lip procedure. Although, the LACCRUE Lip Gel Aftercare is becoming a hit for Lip Injectors lately due to the specific ingredient that they love to use, Arnica oil.

LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer 5

5. Use as an Overnight, Lip Cream.

Like how would you use a lip mask at night, LACCRUE Lip Moisturizer is a great lip cream/lip mask at night too due to the nourishing layer it leaves your lip with. At night time, it is great to use as it soaks your lips with all those moisturizing goodness while you sleep. Wake up with well moisturized, hydrated, and nourished lips in the morning.

LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer - 5 Ways to Wear

All these are a great 5 Ways to Wear LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer. However you want to use it or a style that works for you, it works naturally and beautifully. What is your favorite way of using LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer? Tell us in the comment section, we'd love to hear it!