LACCRUE Organics and Naturals

LACCRUE Organics and Naturals is an online cosmetic shop focused on producing healthy beauty products. All hygienically handmade with naturally healthy ingredients to fit your daily beauty routine. Following FDA regulations very closely to ensure the safety and great benefits of the product. Started in December of 2018 in New Canaan, CT; Relaunched in Scottsdale, AZ, and officially registered in August 2020. 

Now, LACCRUE is expanding to its research and custom formulation for private labeling. L'ACCRUE follows FDA's regulations closely. Products formulated are now selling on Etsy. You can also check our 'Frequently Asked Questions' for more information about the products and FDA safety and sanitation regulations.

Professional Team

Introducing the empowered team who makes LACCRUE, LLC possible.
Lyndsay Cruger
CEO, Founder