How to Brighten Your Lips Organically?

How to Brighten Your Lips Organically?

LACCRUE Mango Lip Moisturizer infused with natural skin brightener ingredient, Turmeric.

  How to Brighten Your Lips Organically? This is one question I used to ask growing up having a bit more Melanin than I wanted. I was not a smoker nor had any medical condition that may have caused it but my lips aren't naturally pink. I've tried several home remedies as I have wanted to do it organically and chemical-free aside from just covering it up with lipsticks.

Here are some of my tips on how to brighten your lips organically:

1) Exfoliate - I do a couple of exfoliating techniques such as lightly brushing my lips every after brushing my teeth with the same brush after rinsing them with water; and using an organic lip scrub which I do before bed. 

2) Wear lip balms or lip moisturizers - Lip balms and moisturizers depending on their ingredients usually have natural SPF properties that help protect your lips from the UV rays and keep them moisturized. Anything well nourished will have its natural color popping out. LACCRUE Mango Lip Moisturizer is infused with Turmeric, a natural skin brightener that helps even out dark pigments on your skin, hence on your lips. It does have Red Raspberry Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil which are both high in natural SPF properties.

3) Eating healthy - By eating healthy you nourish your full body to produce the nutrients it needs to function and appearance.

4) Avoid habits that can cause it - Smoking is one habit that is popularly known which can cause it. Other factors may affect it but if you want good results, you might want to minimize it to be able to see the difference.

These aren't medical advice but rather practice tips I have used that made a difference in having naturally healthy lips.

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