Let LACCRUE Takes Care of Your Aftercare and Lip Care Products

Let LACCRUE Takes Care of Your Aftercare and Lip Care Products

Why partner with LACCRUE for your aftercare and lip care needs?

Are you a Med Spa business owner? Aesthetician? Medical Professional in the Beauty Industry? Permanent Make-Up Artist? Corporate Business? Whether any of those mentioned or simply an organic and healthy beauty enthusiast, we can help you.


LACCRUE is a small business focused on small-batch manufacturing organic lip care and/or aftercare products to ensure that we take care of the process from beginning to end production.

We keep building a stronger foundation by continuing research to improve our process and the business as a whole. As an official New York business, we do our best to follow strict compliance with regulations, and as well as it is pushing us to improve more and more.

As we have been working with different clients in different states, we build good relationships find out their needs, and see if we can provide it in a product form if possible. We inform and update them on the research and updates of the production with respect to their timeline.

Why should I buy wholesale with LACCRUE?

There are many benefits of buying wholesale with LACCRUE.

First, buying in bulk is more cost-effective for your business as you buy more, it will cost you less.

Second, we have different packaging options for wholesale clients; we have as-is, with our own logo containers, we have exact containers without our logo (blank), or you can provide us with your own containers.

Third, you don't have to worry about making and packaging your products yourself.

Fourth, we're very responsive and listen to your needs. We do something about it if it's possible and communicate the challenges as well as present solutions if initial ideas don't work.

Fifth and not least for sure, as you partner with us, we understand your vision for growth too and we are happy to help you with anything you will need to submit (I.e., certifications, format writing, guidelines research resource sharing).

Disclaimer: We do not claim to an expert on this but we share our experience and process as we navigate for growth as well. We still recommend that you seek experts or legal advice.

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