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 "We care even before the Aftercare"
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LACCRUE Organics | Naturals


Welcome to LACCRUE!

We are a small manufacturing business focused on small-batch production and wholesale. Our organic lip care products are made with the finest natural ingredients to nourish and protect your lips. We pride ourselves on using USDA Organic Certified oils, Fair-Trade, and cruelty-free ingredients. We believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it, which is why we use only the highest quality ingredients.

Our Products

Our products are made with organic ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. We offer a range of lip balms, lip moisturizers, lip scrubs, and lip tints to suit all your needs. Whether you’re looking for a hydrating balm to soothe dry lips or a tinted balm to add a pop of color, we’ve got you covered.

Small-Batch Production

We believe that quality is more important than quantity, which is why we produce our products in small batches. This allows us to ensure that each product is made with care and attention to detail. We take pride in our work and want you to feel confident in the products you use.


We offer wholesale for individuals or businesses looking for souvenirs, gifts, and giveaways with healthier daily must-have, organic lip care products. We work closely with our clients to create and provide clean cosmetics. Whether you’re an individual, company representative, small business owner, or a large corporation, we can help you create the clean organic lip care product you're looking for.

Thank you for choosing LACCRUE! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Why Organic Products Expire Quickly?

LACCRUE Organic Vegan Lip Moisturizer

*LACCRUE Mango Lip Moisturizer is our fun twist version of our best seller's LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer. It is infused with our favorite ingredient, Mango! It is vacation-ready and great for moisturizing your lips healthier wherever you go! 

LACCRUE Natural Cheek and Lip Tint

*LACCRUE Natural Cheek and Lip Tint is our very first tinted product. Made from natural colorant to beat that 5-minute makeup routine every time. Perfect for everyone's beauty routine!

LACCRUE Organic Honey + Turmeric Lip Scrubs

Our *LACCRUE Organic Lip Scrubs are handcrafted and made from tropical organic ingredients that will add more glow to your natural beauty ritual and healthy lifestyle.

LACCRUE Organic MANGO Lip Balms

*LACCRUE Organic Mango Lip Balms are handmade from organic ingredients that are great for making your daily lip care routine healthier! Best paired with L'ACCRUE Natural Lip Scrubs.

LACCRUE Organic Lip Serum

*LACCRUE Organic Lip Serum is our version of the popular lip oil. It is basically a Turmeric lip serum. Turmeric has a natural component that helps brighten and even skin tone, Curcumin. All ingredients are organic and healthy!

LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer

*LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer is specially formulated to moisturize dry, chappy lips, or simply want to maintain kissable luscious lips.


Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

LACCRUE Organics works with our ingredients suppliers who make sure that they are sustainably and ethically sourced providing us with their certification and analysis.

Quality Production

LACCRUE Organics produces small-batch wholesale lip care products to ensure that we take care of it from start to finish.

Clean and Healthy

As we use our products every day, we are keen on sharing the same quality of products we use with our clients and partners. We wanted clean and healthier versions of cosmetics to use as often as we wanted to.

This website's Etsy link is the ONLY way to get LACCRUE products and by directly contacting us here and on Instagram (@laccrueorganics). Please be aware of any websites or resellers misrepresenting/selling LACCRUE products online. Schedule a video call with us.