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 "We care even before the Aftercare"

Red Lips Gift Box $55

LACCRUE Red Lips Gift Boxes are here for a great sheer lip color collection for you to try out.

LACCRUE Red Lips Gift Box is composed of our Original Organic Lip Moisturizer + 5 Tinted ones (97% Organic). Enhancing your daily healthy lip care with color without compromising quality and sanitation.

Plus FREE SHIPPING within the USA! 

Choose Your Box at $35

Pre-selected LACCRUE Make-Up Gift Box is highly requested boxed items. Specially curated for easier Holiday Shopping Spree!

Choose your choice of pre-selected LACCRUE Make Up Holiday Gift Box. Enjoy four (4) options to choose from at $35 and Free Shipping anywhere in the US.

Mix & Match $38

Make your own LACCRUE Gift Box with Mix and Match Promotion.

  -Choose 3 any individual LACCRUE cosmetics
+ 2 LACCRUE Organic Lip Balms
+ FREE shipping anywhere in the US.

LACCRUE Summer Lip Moisturizer

LACCRUE Summer Lip Moisturizer is our fun twist version of our best seller's LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer. It is vacation-ready and great for moisturizing your lips healthier wherever you go! 

LACCRUE Organic Lip Serum

LACCRUE Organic Lip Serum is our version of the popular lip oil. It is basically a Turmeric lip serum. Turmeric has a natural component that helps brighten and even skin tone, Curcumin. All ingredients are organic and healthy!


LACCRUE Natural Mint Lip Gloss

The LACCRUE Mint Lip Gloss is also a moisturizing lip gloss with a cool twist. It has a natural slight lip-plumping effect with the cooling and minty fresh experience.

LACCRUE Hybrid Lip Aftercare

LACCRUE Hybrid Lip Aftercare is a hybrid formulation of our organic lip moisturizer and natural moisturizing lip gloss. Which is composed of 95% of organic ingredients.

LACCRUE Calming and Soothing Brow Gel

LACCRUE Organic Calming & Soothing Brow Gel is made from all certified organic ingredients. It is a fast-acting and quick relieving gel specially formulated for microblading aftercare.

LACCRUE Lip Gel Aftercare

LACCRUE Lip Gel Aftercare is our vegan take on our healing lip gloss. Best used as lip filler and lip blush tattoo aftercare. Made with mostly USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified ingredients and natural gloss. Cruelty- Free. Vegan. Immediate repair.

LACCRUE Organic MANGO Lip Balms

LACCRUE Organic Mango Lip Balms are handmade from organic ingredients that are great for making your daily lip care routine healthier! Best paired with L'ACCRUE Natural Lip Scrubs.

LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer

LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer is specially formulated to moisturize dry, chappy lips, or simply want to maintain kissable luscious lips.

LACCRUE Organic Honey + Turmeric Lip Scrubs

Our LACCRUE Organic Lip Scrubs are handcrafted and made from tropical organic ingredients that will add more glow to your natural beauty ritual and healthy lifestyle.

LACCRUE Organic Brow Tint

LACCRUE Organic Brow Tint + Groomer is made with all organic and natural minerals. Chemical free formula. UV Rays shield properties.

Natural Cheek and Lip Tint

LACCRUE Natural Cheek and Lip Tint is our very first tinted product. Made from natural colorant to beat that 5-minute makeup routine every time. Perfect for everyone's beauty routine!

LACCRUE Organic Brow & Lash Serum

LACCRUE Organic Brow & Lash Serum organic active ingredients that naturally enhance, nourish, moisturize, and protect your hair lipids making your brow and lash strands looking healthier and stronger. New packaging: 2 in 1 ( 8 mL bottle) with mascara and eyeliner wands (4 mL on each side). Perfect with your day time and night time beauty routine.
It is on BOGO Promotion. Buy 1, Get 1 FREE of the 5 mL serum in a diamond head container.

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LACCRUE Royal Client
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LACCRUE Royal Client
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LACCRUE Lip Care Line

LACCRUE Organic Lip Care Line is formulated to give your kissable lips natural moisture and smoothness. Keeps your daily lip care routine organically healthy and natural.

Brow & Lash Care

LACCRUE Brow & Lash Care is an all-organic hair growth and lipid protection serum. Enhanced with Vitamin E oil.

Make Up

LACCRUE Natural Make up is the coolest addition. Completing an easy daily 5-minute make-up routine that still keeps you looking great naturally and beautiful.