Brighten Lips with LACCRUE Lip Serum

Saturday, Dec 5, 2020
LACCRUE Organic Lip Serum
(LACCRUE Organic Lip Serum - Available now at $5.99)

Brighten your day may seem to be easy when you wake up with everything so bright and clear! It's as easy as that brightening your lips as well with LACCRUE Lip Serum. Yes, you can brighten lips with LACCRUE Lip Serum.

Here in LACCRUE, we boast our organic and natural ingredients made lip care and cosmetics. We use USDA Organic and Natural ingredients from suppliers not only certified with USDA but also in Fair Trade. Talking about responsible brands.

What is LACCRUE Lip Serum's Solving?

Dark and uneven colored lips. The LACCRUE Lip Serum is our latest lip care addition, responding to the need of the problematic uneven-colored and dark spots on your lips. We pride ourselves on researching and developing the best ingredients we can find and use to formulate and help solve that problem.

Is it Organic? But It's Yellow Tinted?

Yes. It is all organic. The yellow tint is the natural color of organic Turmeric we used which is the ingredient that helps you even out uneven-colored lips and dark spots. 

It is also formulated with organic moisturizers like cocoa butter, castor oil, almond oil, vitamin E, and a strong anti-oxidant; butterfly pea flower.

It has become one of the retail favorites aside from the LACCRUE Organic Lip Balms, Cheek n Lip Tint, and Lip Moisturizer for lip care.


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