3 Newest LACCRUE Aftercare Products

Sunday, Feb 14, 2021

We are pleased to announced that the 3 Newest LACCRUE Aftercare Products is pre-launching. They are launched especially for our private labels clients to be able to try and see it on our website.

The amazing feedback is overwhelming and how creative our clients can be wanting to put their own twist on it. It is also open for our retail customers because our aftercare products are great addition to a healthier beauty routine. Without further ado, here are the 3 Newest LACCRUE Aftercare Products.

3 Newest LACCRUE Aftercare Products

LACCRUE Calming and Soothing Brow Gel
LACCRUE Calming and Soothing Brow Gel


1) LACCRUE Calming and Soothing Brow Gel - This aftrecare product is a result of Lyndsay's (founder) story when she forgot her aftercare instruction the night after her Microblading done.

"I was pretty good preparing, following y artist's advice but the night after I got it done, I forgot I was not supposed to take an Advil (considered as blood thinner) but I did. Next morning, after I washed my face I noticed faint mark of blood on my face towel and felt it very itchy (signs of inflammation).

I thought it is an opportunity to create a solution to it, because in real life, people forgets! I then immediately started 5 different formulations and made myself a test subject for it. All made with organic ingredients. From all 5 this LACCRUE Calming and Soothing Brow Gel has the immediate relief and fast acting results."

"After my touch up appointment, I skip the skin candy my artist gave me and just use this. I honestly get totally healed on the 3rd day! I thought that was unexpected but awesome!" said Lyndsay.

LACCRUE Hybrid Aftercare
LACCRUE Hybrid Lip Aftercare


2) LACCRUE Hybrid Lip Aftercare

While the LACCRUE Calming and Soothing Brow Gel is a solution to an aftercare reality. LACCRUE Hybrid Lip Aftercare is a combination of of our LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer and LACCRUE Natural Moisturizing Lip Gloss making it a 95% Organic due to the use of the gloss. It does have the healing properties of the combined ingredients of 2 products, high anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory natural ingredients combined.

LACCRUE Lip Gel Aftercare
LACCRUE Lip Gel Aftercare


3) LACCRUE Lip Gel Aftercare

LACCRUE Lip Gel Aftercare is our new healing lip gloss specifically formulated for professional and medical injectors. It is specifically requested to have Arnica oil as the key healing ingredient for this lip aftercare combined with other organic and natural healing ingredients.

All 3 Newest LACCRUE Aftercare Products can be customized for private label clients. Let us know how you want your aftercare to be done and formulated, we can work through your safe creative vision to a reality. We have a very competitive prices and specifications that will make you consider branding your products with us. We can give you 9 reasons to private label with us here.



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