Exfoliating Your Lips with LACCRUE Lip Scrub

Saturday, Sep 19, 2020
LACCRUE Organic Honey Turmeric Lip Scrub

Having those luscious lips aren't hard to achieve by simply exfoliating twice or every week will help, but you may want to be careful since it is around your mouth, a product made with organic ingredients like LACCRUE Organic Honey Lip Scrubs will be the best way to use. Although, they are natural it is still recommended for 'external use only'. Best used with LACCRUE Lip Balms.


LACCRUE Organic Honey Lip Scrub

LACCRUE Organic Honey Lip Scrub is now available on our shop for $3.99! Grab one of the LACCRUE Organic Lip Balms available in Coconut and Mango variety for $5.99.


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