Are the products 100% organic and natural?

Not all LACCRUE products are organic, but they are all labeled. Which are organic, natural, or non-natural/organic ones. Some are vegan and all are cruelty free products.

Organic products include:

  • LACCRUE Mango Lip Moisturizer
  • LACCRUE Organic Coconut Lipbalm
  • LACCRUE Organic Honey Lip Scrub
  • LACCRUE Organic Mango Lipbalm

Natural products include:

  • LACCRUE Natural Blush Lip Scrub (Vegan)
  • LACCRUE Natural Cheek and Lip Tint

Non-Natural products include:

These lip glosses are custom request formulation and gel-based which is a non-natural ingredient, otherwise, the rest of the ingredients are organic.

  • LACCRUE Moisturizing Lip Gloss (Vegan)
  • LACCRUE Plumping Lip Gloss (Vegan)