What is the difference between White and Private Label?

***NOTE: We currently focus on our own brand wholesale (self-label) production.

Both are a type of Wholesale order, which means it is offered at a discounted price due to the minimum quantity order (MOQ).

White Label 

The White Label is a wholesale order that can be bought in a blank default container or with LACCRUE label with a 100 minimum order quantity.

Private Label

Private Label on the other hand has 500 MOQ with complimentary services like minimal logo design, option to find containers/packaging that matches your branding, options of your print style for the containers, and minimal custom formulation as your Unique Selling Point (USP) in the market.

These are options for branding, budget, and what is suitable for what you are looking for. We also offer custom formulations (organic and no chemicals) for a minimal charge. Contact us for more details. You can reach us through any social media platform, through @laccrueorganics, or schedule a free call or Zoom meeting using the 'Book Now' tab on Instagram.