Why are the LACCRUE products more expensive than big company producers?

There are several factors affecting the pricing and we are happy to list it for you:

1) Big company producers have more resources which means they can buy supplies in bulk that gives them a more opportunity to get it in a better price. They also have big machines to mass produce products efficiently and less costs (such as labor costs, ingredients, efficiency, time, etc.)

2) The price then affects the calculations of the all the cost of making the products. Which LACCRUE as a small business could not compete yet.

3) Organic and natural ingredients costs higher. Especially the USDA Organic Certified ones.

4) Organic ingredients mostly comes without preservatives which makes it have a shorter shelf life. In which, we compensate with more process to go through to extend it. Therefore, taking more time, labor, and resources to produce a healthier product.

5) CUSTOM ORDERS: For custom orders, the packaging always costs a lot more than the other production costs. Also, it takes several experimentation to get specific factors clients may have asked for their products (i.e., consistency, components, sourcing ingredients/packaging, etc.) Which in most company, they will ask for professional fee but we don't.