2 Most Popular LACCRUE Organic Aftercare

Saturday, Nov 28, 2020
Laccrue Organic Lip Moisturizer
(LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer)


What are the 2 Most Popular LACCRUE Organic Aftercare products you ask? That is what we are going to talk about here.

Why are they the 2 Most Popular LACCRUE Organic Aftercare?

1) Ingredients

The reason why it is so popular is because they are both made with the simplest organic ingredients but we make sure to get the best quality ones. Our suppliers are all USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified, thinking about making it sustainable and socially responsible as well.

2) Process

Aside from the highest quality ingredients we use, we do a thorough research understanding each ingredients, reaction, and behaviour as other elements are added.

LACCRUE Organic Lip Balms
(LACCRUE Organic Lip Balm)

We ensure that not only the 2 Most Popular LACCRUE Organic Aftercare products but other LACCRUE products are carefully handled, produced as well as extended shelf-life were considered in the making of every product. As we also accept custom orders, we research, study, and experiment with the formulation before getting it on our retail shop as the default formulation. Clients can request specific organic ingredients (which price will also be adjusted).

The wholesale and private label products are made fresh, processed, and handled for safety, shelf-life, and visual appeal.

It may sound simple as we wanted to be but thorough work is done on every step to take care of you and your clients!

So, What are the 2 Most Popular LACCRUE Organic Aftercare?

They are LACCRUE Organic Lip Moisturizer and LACCRUE Organic Lip Balms.

Every client is different and works in different ways which some can ask for custom formulation. We do not just add an organic/natural ingredient. We study and learn more about it before incorporating it with the products.


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